• Dennis

    From the intricate aspects of residential construction to the artistry of landscaping, Dennis masters it all. His knowledge stretches further to encompass permaculture, a harmonious blend of ecosystems. He delves deep into the realm of emergency preparedness, instilling a sense of resilience in uncertain times. Moreover, Dennis is a strong advocate for self-reliance and sufficiency, always pushing boundaries to pioneer new ways of sustainable living.
  • Shelina

    Shelina, an experienced spiritual coach known for her gift of instilling calm and serenity in those who seek it. The meditative sessions, artfully curated by Shelina, guide participants on an inward journey to the core of their beings, igniting a recognition and realization of their true potential. Embodying the wisdom of divine messages, Shelina shares insightful teachings, providing the tools for individuals to navigate the challenges of life with grace and fortitude.